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60 New Pine Grove Rd, Bridgewater, NS
(902 543-8680
-64.54 44.4

492 Hwy-303, Digby, NS
(902) 245-6020
-65.77 44.6

220 Chain Lake Dr, Halifax, NS
(902) 450-5570
-63.68 44.65

6990 Mumford Rd, Halifax, NS
(902) 454-7990
-63.62 44.65

90 Lamont Terrace, Dartmouth, NS
(902) 461-4474
-63.57 44.7

80 Sydney Port Access Rd, Sydney, NS
(902) 562-1110
-60.14 46.15

65 Keltic Dr, Sydney, NS
(902) 562-3353
-60.22 46.11

47 Paint St Unit 17, Port Hawkesbury, NS
(902) 625-0954
-61.34 45.61

46 Robert Angus Dr, Amherst, NS
(902) 661-3476
-64.2 45.82

9097 Commercial St, New Minas, NS
(902) 681-4271
-64.45 45.07

108 Starrs Rd, Yarmouth, NS
(902) 749-2306
-66.1 43.84

141 Damascus Rd, Bedford, NS
(902) 865-4000
-63.64 44.75

50 Market St, Antigonish, NS
(902) 867-1279
-62.01 45.61

140 Wade Rd, Truro, NS
(902) 893-5582
-63.3 45.35

713 Westville Rd, New Glasgow, NS
(902) 928-0008
-62.67 45.58

Walmart in NS has never been easier to find.

Walmart is highly desirable throughout the United States and around the globe. This worldwide chain or facilities and discount stores is known under the following names: Walmart, Seiyu, Asda, and Bet Price. In fact, the organization has multiple Walmart locations in numerous countries.

Walmart retail stores in combination can be separated into three divisions: Supercenters, Neighborhood Markets, and discount department stores. They offer numerous items, such as goods, gadgets, car components, wheels, apparel and anything you could ever desire. Various meats, prepared items, chicken, delicatessen, milk items, freezing foods, fresh fish and much more.

Their costs are less expensive and the variety of items is really tremendous. Moreover, they regularly offer significant discount rates in costs. Individuals obtain financial benefits on deals and special discounts. Wal-mart has special deals for those who are going to get committed or have a baby. They can sign-up and get many things for affordable costs.

If you want to know where the nearest NS Walmart is located, you can locate Walmart the easy way here at No matter, whether you reside in an city or province, Walmart Store Locator will help you to do it. Nobody will have problems with finding Wal-mart destinations because our user interface is simple, quick and user-friendly.

If you are interested in some more information about Walmart, such as tasks, hours, deals, etc, you can check out their official website at

Since 1969, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., which is the legal name of the organization, helps you to save customers money to be able to help them stay better. Find the nearest NS Walmart location, and you will be able to use all the benefits they offer for their customers.

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